Iron Sky - Prototype Replica Moontrooper Helmet

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A stunning replica Moontrooper helmet as seen in the 2012 sci-fi movie 'Iron Sky' starring: Julia Dietze, Christopher Kirby, Götz Otto & Udo Kier.

This helmet was one of half a dozen prototypes created by the talented people over at 'Iron Sky Helmets' to finalize the design for their licensed replica helmet. It's constructed from leather, vinyl, metal and rubber with many of the components reproduced directly from the screen-used props.

Unlike the international friendly final version this particular prototype helmet features a swastika moulding under the face mask, 'SS' hand painted decal on the helmet, and 'SS-527' hand painted on the breather part of the gas mask and 'RZM' logo on the side.

This helmet will also come supplied with a stand as seen in the pictures.

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