Band of Brothers - Prop German FG-42 Paratrooper Rifle

Band of Brothers - Prop German FG-42 Paratrooper Rifle

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A prop FG-42 used in the 2001 TV series "Band of Brothers" starring: Damian Lewis, Scott Grimes, Ron Livingston & Donnie Wahlberg.

This prop FG-42 rifle was used by the German Paratroopers in the show and can be seen in various episodes.

Many of the crew who work on Saving Private Ryan also went on to make Band of Brothers, learning the lessons of Ryan not to use fibreglass for guns due to the large amount of breakages on set, the BOB gun makers decided to use hard rubber, this allowed far superior detailing to be retained and also made the weapons much more durable resulting is less breakages.

The rifle features a retractable bipod, pop-up front and rear sights and a detachable hard rubber magazine, and a wood effect paintwork. The rifle is in great shape and rare to find nowadays especially in this condition. It weights 4kg and measures: 1000mm x 210mm (39.3" x 8.2").

This item comes supplied with a COA (Certificate of Authenticity).

**UK buyers please note this rifle falls into the ridiculous VCR act, exemptions to the act are: re-enactors/living history/skirmishing/NARES, film/TV use, theatre, museums/galleries and public displays. If you're a UK collector and are unsure about the VCR Act please email/call us for more information**

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