Alexander - Ptolemy‘s (Elliot Cowan) Stunt Sword

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A prop sword used in the epic 2004 film "Alexander" starring Colin Farrell, Anthony Hopkins, Val Kilmer & Angelina Jolie.

This prop sword was used by actor Elliot Cowan who played the character Ptolemy.

The sword is similar to the swords used by the Macedonian Hoplite Phalanx soldiers ( Xiphos sword). It would have been used during the fighting scenes and scenes where carrying a metal sword would have been deemed too dangerous or unnecessary.

The sword is made from polyurethane plastic and features a brown & cream coloured handle that has images of a bulls head & bulls fighting in gold, typical to that era the bull was a sign of strength so it featured predominantly in Greek weapons. The blade has been painted silver to appear like metal. The sword blade has also been signed in black marker by the actor who used it (Elliot Cowan).

It measures: 650mm x 95mm x 35mm (25½" x 4" x 1½") at the widest points.

This item comes supplied with a Certificate of Authenticity.

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