About us

About Movie Bits

Movie Bits is based in the UK dealing in rare and collectable Movie Props, Costumes & TV/Film memorabilia. All props & autographs come complete with a COA (Certificate of Authenticity) which we stand by by 100%. Each Prop and Autograph is fully investigated and authenticated before purchase, so you can rest assured that your purchase is original.

Our History

Movie Bits was set up in 1995 by owner David Farthing, as a personal collector of film props since 1986 he wanted to offer people all over the world a chance to own really unique items from film & TV.

In this time David has gained extensive knowledge about props & costumes and the movie industry in general. As a collector for many years he knows how important it is to make sure that each piece of certificated memorabilia is genuine, and also how important it is to treat customers with the utmost respect and honesty they deserve.

Since we started trading in 1995 we have gained great respect from collectors all over the world, we have earned this respect by offering honesty & trust with every customer.

In 1998 Movie Bits went on-line offering customers all over the world a chance to easily view items available to buy. The Internet has opened a massive door to collectors and contacts all over the world. Movie Bits is proud to be part of this growing industry in rare and collectable movie & TV memorabilia.

In 2001 David & two other collectors set-up "The MPA" (The Movie Props Association) with the simple goal of gathering all the major prop & costume dealers, and collectors all over the world in one organisation to protect the collector, many recognised people have joined the MPA and all adhear to extremely strong values, honesty and fair trading with all collectors. The MPA link can be found at the bottom of this website page.