Moonraker - Factory Entertainment Laser Replica

Moonraker - Factory Entertainment Laser Replica

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A replica laser rifle as seen in the 1979 James Bond film 'Moonraker' starring: Roger Moore, Lois Chiles, Michael Lonsdale & Richard Kiel.

The Factory Entertainment Moonraker Laser prop replica was created after exhaustive and careful study of the original props in the EON Productions archives, as well as hundreds of reference photographs and original production drawings and blueprints. All the detail on the original has been retained including some of the casting asymmetry on the handmade original, which would not have been visible on screen and a missing trigger. Triggers were deliberately omitted to allow actors wearing thick astronaut style gloves to use the props. This makes the replica visually indistinguishable from the original. However, a heavier weight polyresin and an internal support frame have been employed on the replica to give it more heft and strength than the original.


This prop laser rifle is in excellent condition and comes with the original packing, a colour box with the Drax logo and the original shipping box. The plaque has never been mounted on the plaque stand and still has the protective cover over it. This prop is limited to just 500 pieces worldwide and is number 111 of 500. It also comes supplied with the original customs note and the COA leaflet.

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